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Why should I hire an Educational Consultant?

By hiring Jane Kristoffy, you will:

  • save time and money,
  • avoid stress and anxiety,
  • survive the school selection and admissions process,
  • feel confident about your choices.

 My child is struggling in many aspects of school and is very disorganized. Can you help?

At Right Track, we will tailor a program to get your child working towards success.

I want to know what options I have for my child’s education. Where do I start?

Contact us to discuss your options. When looking at schools, we weigh your child’s needs, interests, learning style, and strengths, with your family’s values, logistics, and budget.

My child is applying to various independent schools in the fall. How can you help us navigate this process?

At Right Track, we are knowledgeable and comfortable with every step in independent and specialized schools’ admissions processes.

What is the fee for your services?

Please contact us for information.

Right Track can help with SSAT preparation, but my child is working toward another entrance exam to get into an independent school. Can you help him?

Contact us.  Right Track has helped prepare students for several different admissions tests.

My child needs educational assessments. What do I do?

Contact us!  We will refer you to the best professionals in the area.

I’m moving to the Greater Toronto Area and I don’t know anything about the school system in this region.  Can you help my family?

At Right Track, we are confident we can make your transition to the GTA very smooth.  In the beginning, contact us to discuss your options.

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