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Hit the Breaking Point Yet?!

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This hilarious post, “Worst End of School Mom Ever” by Jen Hatmaker, appeared in the Huff Post earlier this month.  Then it went viral on the web — appearing in Twitter and Facebook news feeds everywhere.  I found it in my inbox a dozen times, forwarded by friends who are not social-media-savvy.  It hits home on so many levels!  Take a read if you haven’t already: “Worst End of School Mom Ever” by Jen Hatmaker

roller coaster – Right Track Educational ServicesWe also need to think about the kids – have they hit their breaking point?  My guess is YES!  Well, I know they have.  And I KNOW that many teachers have too…..but they are plugging away in spite of this!

Let’s be patient and just survive, just do our best.  Summer glory is around the corner….