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T’was the Night Before Test Day

Do you have a big test or exam coming up?

Review these suggestions to make the most of the hours before your big event.


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Cramming 1-2-3


You’ve left your exam preparation to the last minute.  (Why else would you be reading this post?)

Take a deep breath, and let’s do this.


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Master the Multiple Choice Test

Are you preparing for a multiple choice test or exam?

If so, keep reading.


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Mind Maps: Creative Study Tools

Have you ever created a mind map for a study tool?

You should consider it!   Mind maps are effective, and can save you stress and time.  They also can provide some variety in your study process.

A mind map is a visual method of representing, learning, memorizing, arranging, brainstorming, and understanding information.

Studies show mind maps increase productivity, creativity, memory, and comprehension during studying and other academic tasks.


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Study Secret: Use Fractions of Time

Are you studying for tests and exams?


Here are a few tips:

  1. Work smarter, not harder.  Be smart about how you use your time. 
  2. Divide up your big study tasks into smaller chunks, and tackle each chunk, one at a time. 
  3. And, make sure to maximize your use of fractions of time during your study day.


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