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Cramming 1-2-3


You’ve left your exam preparation to the last minute.  (Why else would you be reading this post?)

Take a deep breath, and let’s do this.


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Master the Multiple Choice Test

Are you preparing for a multiple choice test or exam?

If so, keep reading.


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Do you Have an Apathetic Teen?

Do you have a teenager who has no interests or passions?

No real interests that is….

No interests other than gaming… (and getting to the next phase in the latest video game)…?

Or, no passions other than You Tube viewing… (and watching influencers chat non-stop about make up and hairstyle trends)…?

Getting to know one’s interests and passions is an important part of planning for life after high school. 

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Summer Strategy: Get On It!

Here we are in the heart of winter…..

….and I’m going to tell you something about summer: 

It’s time to think about your kids’ summer activities. 

Start planning. 


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