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Fortnite & Your Son: What to do About it

Anyone who has a school-aged son has heard of the video game Fortnite.  It’s the latest obsession among gamers. 

As a mother of a teen boy, I witness first-hand how the game hooks boys’ attention.

In a quest to provide a safe and balanced life at home for my son, and to understand the greater effects of another video game that’s literally taken over, I contacted Dan Rooney to get his perspective.


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To Outsource, or Not to Outsource?

Do you remember that muffled sound played on the Peanuts cartoon, whenever a nagging teacher or parent hassled Charlie Brown’s gang?

That’s what I think I sound like to my teenagers… when I remind them to do something… or worse, when I try to teach them something.

I’m an educator by profession — I work with kids for a living.  In spite of my training and experience, however, my teenagers are better off learning some skills and lessons from someone else.

I outsource. 

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Agenda Use Develops Organizational Skills

Connecting with teachers and staying on the pulse of your child’s every move at school is easier these days, thanks to the use of email, school websites, and teacher webpages.  Parents can keep up on the details of their children’s academic lives, and kids can download assignments or login to apps such as Google Docs to access projects, all thanks to these modern conveniences.

Is there slower development of important life skills in kids, thanks to the internet?  Specifically, I wonder about organizational and time management skills. 

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Back to School: 1-2-3 JUMP!

I’ve never been bungee jumping.  My friend, who is also a teacher and mother, recently described to me what it’s like to bungee jump.  She did it in Australia when she was free and wild and in her twenties. 

You’re standing on the edge of the bungee platform, all prepared with safety gear in tact.  You are storeys above the earth you see below.  Deep breath.  And then, you step off.  The fall is steep and fast and drastic, and when you hit the end of the rope, you abruptly bounce around, up and down, side to side, violently and unpredictably, and anything can happen — you yell and scream and your throat hurts and the feeling of exhilaration takes over your body.

Back to school season is like the bungee jump, she said. 

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